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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cincinnati Type-Fest II

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The Johnstown Type Writer Conservatory!

The Sunday morning remnant in Richard's dining room. From left to right: Herman Price, Alan Seaver, Richard Polt (the really tall guy), Jett Morton (in front of Richard and a bit shorter), Me, Jack Knarr, Felicia Alexander, and Mike Brown.

Oliver no. 2, Date of manufacture, 1898. Which brought you the current Tlog.

One of the things I stupidly forgot to bring to Cincinnati was type writer letterhead I had made for the occasion. So, I'm posting it below for you to download and make your own stationery as Richard Polt has done on his site.

Oliver letterhead - 1919

Oliver letterhead - 1920

Oliver envelope return address figure


  1. Argh! I can't believe I put the wrong date on the type-in stationery!!

    I believe you had the distinction of using the oldest typewriter at the type-in.

    Nice table you've got for your no. 2 there.

  2. Richard! I thought you knew the date was wrong. Someone, I forget who, told me, when I asked him/her about the date, the type-in was originally scheduled for Sunday, but you had to change it. Thanks for the compliment on the table. It's for a pedal driven sewing machine. I just found it at an antique store this Tuesday afternoon (July 5) after coming home from Cincy.

  3. Great to see all the posts about the Cincinnati type-in. Almost like being there! Thanks for posting.