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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Children of the Type Writer!

This is the first in our new series, "Children of the Type Writer!" Here we document the addictive nature of type-writing on the under 16 crowd! First in our series is 12 year old Sydney who is fascinated by the Underwood Number 5 that sits in my office at the university. Sydney is the eldest daughter of my dear friend and colleague, Prof. Kristen Majocha.

Below is Sydney's sister, 8 year old Alyssa, showing me, quite insistently, that she can type and doesn't need to "learn."

Our series on Type Writer Faux Haiku will return after we get a good dose of these extremely cute children typing on type writers!!


  1. Photos are not displaying, Firefox 35.0. No problem with any other blogs or photos.

    1. I've directly linked these from photobucket, which I've done before. So, I don't know why your Firefox won't display them. They are videos, by the way. Try viewing with Google Chrome.

    2. There is only blank space where photos or video frame links are to be.
      I've only ever had problems with PAL format video. Other blogs link to Photobucket too, including my radio blog. I've even linked to Opera without problems.

    3. Bill: The videos were uploaded in MP4 format. When I view my tlog in firefox, the thumbnails don't load but by placing my cursor on the space I can play the videos. Would you try that? It may also be that whatever plugin you use to play videos is out of date, like realplayer for instance? Richard Polt apparently had no problem viewing them.

  2. Those are fun clips. I encourage my granddaughters to use typewriters, too. Video is working fine via Chrome.