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Thursday, June 14, 2012


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Venus makes first contact with the limb of the Sun.

Venus makes second contact inside the limb of the Sun.

At this point the transit is about half over or a little more.

The Sun and Venus start to set behind the Chirichahua Mountains. You can see the Yucca trees on the Mountain about 5 miles away.

Viewing the transit by projecting an image of the Sun and Venus (the dot at lower right) through binoculars.


  1. Neat adventure! Very nice photos.

  2. I know how you felt! Here in the Northeast, in the mountains(?) of western Maine, we had perfect weather. The overcast cleared about a half hour before the transit and remained clear throughout. An astronomy enthusiast set up three telescopes for the approximately 40 folks who showed up to watch and everyone had plenty of time to circulate. One of the 'scopes is a brass beauty that had been built expressly for the 1882 transit, so that was a special thrill. It's so neat to look at these and be reminded "they're really out there!" Thanks for the photos and story.
    == Michael Höhne

    1. Michael, I'm really glad you got to view the transit! I'm starting to hear stories of others who thought it would be a wash-out but eventually clouds gave way.