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Wednesday, May 16, 2012



  1. My God, Martin, that's a touching scene. I am genuinely happy you got fresh rubber on your stable of Olivers. The Typosphere awaits a replacement service with bated breath. Will there be one? Where it will come from? I might call some printer friends and see where they get their rubber covered rollers rejuvenated. Let's face it - Ames wasn't just doing typewriter platens.

    1. Rob: Your empathy is much appreciated. I have no idea what we will do. Richard Polt asked me the same thing. If you find out something from your printer friends, please let us know. -- Marty

  2. I had several platens recovered by Ames in recent years and they always did a fine job at a very reasonable price. It is very sad to see them wink out of existence like this.

    There is something afoot in the printing equipment industry -- that's all I can say, so as not to pre-empt any announcement from a friend. It sounds promising, although I doubt that it's going to be as affordable as Ames.

    Also, please note that there are several smaller enterprises, one in the US and several in Europe, that will still recover platens. Information is on my restoration page.

  3. That's wonderful they were recovered. I missed out. I was collecting a batch to send but now it's too late.

  4. That's very sad news indeed. Thanks a lot for your article. I had one platen and rollers recovered here in Switzerland, good job, but set me back on my bank account.