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Friday, May 18, 2012


The Donor Machine, a Remington 5, cosmetically great, mechanically ... crap:

Before pics of the Remette. Remette au naturale, no paper scale:

and no bell assembly:

Remette "Franken-ized" with the bell assembly from the no. 5:

Remette with new paper scale. Now I know where to center the type and set margins. The fountain pen next to it is a pre-WWI Conklin, restored by yours truly and ready to write:

This video shows you the bell in action, proving it actually works:


  1. That's cleverly done! The Remette i have was frankenized into a usb keyboard (not by me) and I thought the uninspiring experience was owing to it, but it's just a Remette.

    1. I've seen those USB type writers on the net. Very interesting, but also aren't they very pricy? At least I haven't seen anyone do it with an Oliver ... yet.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! High praise coming from an experienced and self-taught typo-tech like yourself!

  3. Great upgrade! I got an old flip-top Home Portable without a bell (just the bell) and added one from my Model 5. Of course, then my 5 didn't have a bell. But I KNOW what you mean about those spaces for parts not present. And how often, under the skin, so little changes between models.