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Saturday, October 29, 2011


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Vanessa snowed in, in my driveway.

My Hermes 2000


  1. I have a 2000 exactly like that; I find the color rather military-inspired. It has a very slight escapement skipping problem too, so I keep it in the office and use it very occasionally. I agree with you about the feel - they are lovely to use. Pity about the ratchet teeth.

    You have a good sense of humor about Vanessa; that is hilarious that she spends more time being towed than driven! Surely hyperbole, but still :)

  2. Adwoa: I find when I sometimes type sloppily that my 2000 skips. I think they all have an overly sensitive escapement trip. And if I didn't have a good sense of humor about the *!@@$% car, I'd have taken my shotgun to it a long time ago!!

  3. Richard: Ah, you blessed man! To live in the warmth of Cincinnati and avoid the mess we had yesterday. Today, Sunday, the clouds are parted and we are enjoying sun and warmth in the 40s. Which means ... another perfect day for typing!!