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Thursday, June 16, 2011

East Coast Type-In

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The Johnstown Type Writer Conservatory!


  1. Wow those are the real collectors' items, very impressive compared to my Tacoma type-in of mid-century mass-market workhorses. I hope there is video of the lego in action!

  2. Can't wait to see a bunch of you in Cincinnati next month. (Vanessa and Oliver 1.5 are invited too.)

  3. Hey, Richard! Vanessa and Oliver 1.5 are on their way! (With me, too, of course!)

  4. I simply didn't think to take a video of the Leggo in action, which I could have done on the iPod, which now that you mention it I kick myself for not doing. If Jett brings it to Cincinnati I will video tape it. I also didn't video tape Tony's demonstration of the Boston Index Writer, which would have been really nice to do, and I kick myself for that, too! I have lots of pictures of Tom Russo's museum, too, but didn't want to post them without his permission. All of this took place on the second floor of the museum.