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Monday, October 29, 2012


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  1. Here at the south-eastern border of Pennsylvania, we are getting hit rather hard. Luckily, we are still with power. I am really hoping this is all just a hype; that it will be just a bad storm and nothing more. I, too, am out of work for today and tomorrow, as the power plant we are building in southern New Jersey has shut down.

    The rain storm we encountered while driving through your area on our road trip was absolutely horrifying. Sheets and sheets of rain, massive amounts of lightning close enough to touch, and NO visibility. We passed through the storm after around a half an hour, but it was the scariest driving experience I have yet to have.

    If I recall correctly, I emailed you about it that night and you mentioned about being on a bike ride and getting caught in the same storm. Talk about wrong place, wrong time!

    No matter how bad it is, be safe out there Marty! Who would we have to warn against the dangers of bending typebars? Who, I ask you?

    (I had to retype this comment as it didn't show up the first time. If it does end up coming around, just delete this one. I think I liked that one better...)

    1. Ken: I remember that storm, on or about Memorial Day weekend. It was much worse than what we're having now and no one around here was upset! So far, I haven't heard news of power outages ... thank goodness! And yes, you folks out there, stop bending type bars on Olivers, all right!!!?