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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Scouting Around Turns Up a Scout


  1. she looks like she's in pretty good shape and i think that typeface will get her lots of attention at the typewriter collectors meeting.

  2. Nice, I haven't seen many other "Art Gothic" machines other than my Monarch:
    pretty much identical to yours except for labeling and my luxurious right shift key. :D

    1. ... and that right side shift key makes a BIG difference! I keep hitting "/" thinking I'm shifting!

  3. Good find! WordPlay used to have a machine on duty like this, with Art Gothic, until it was recalled back home by the person who lent it.

  4. Sounds like a Fun machine! Good you pointed out we don't have to mention the sighting.

  5. Glad you made this post - if for no other reason than to encourage people to get up, get out there and look around on foot! There are thousands of machines still out there, and they're not going on eBay. You can really still enjoy the hunt.

  6. Always interesting to think what the experience would have been like for the family who originally owned this machine. The distinctness of the font must have been a real attraction. Great find.